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​​We investigate the mechanism to generate the patterns and 3D structures in organisms
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Nov 04, 2020

Haruhiko's new paper "Genetical control of 2D pattern and depth of the primordial furrow that prefigures 3D shape of the rhinoceros beetle horn" is published in Scientific Reports.

Oct 23, 2020

a new paper titled "The Physical Role of Mesenchymal Cells Driven by the Actin Cytoskeleton Is Essential for the Orientation of Collagen Fibrils in Zebrafish Fins" has publish in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

Oct 22, 2020


Feb 18, 2020


Jan 09, 2020

A new paper of Haruhiko Adachi about the 3D shape of Tree Hopper Horn was accepted by Zoological Letters.

Nov 13, 2019


Nov 11, 2019

Yuu Usui's paper has acceped by Development. His paper clarified the gap-junction network that is responsible for the skin pattern formation of zebrafish.

Jul 05, 2019

Misaki Sakashita got the young researcher prize at the 39th meeting of Japanese society for bone morphometry

May 23, 2019

Hibiki Nakagawa and Toshihiro Aramaki got the poster prize at FBS retreat!

Apr 24, 2019

Keisuke Matsuda got "Yamamura Prize"! In honor of Professor Yuichi Yamamura, who has made a major mark on the development of Osaka University as the 11th President of Osaka University, Osaka University School of Medicine has awarded the Yamamura Award to particularly outstanding students.

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Students who are interested in our laboratory as the graduate school to enter, please feel free to contact me. You can come anytime to see and ask about the study in Kondo labo. E-mail address of Kondo is skondo(at)

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